Exhibitor: Christopher Lowe,
Scale: 4mm/1 ft, 00 gauge.
Period: Late 1980’s to late 1990’s
Based on the Settle and Carlisle route, Artendent is set on a winter’s evening. Snow has already fallen on the surrounding countryside and the half moon is on the rise over Arten Gill viaduct, capturing the bleakness of the area. The cold has already arrived for the night ahead.

The buildings, tunnel and viaduct along with the scenery including the stone walls, trees, and telegraph poles, have all been made and painted by me. I do hope that they capture the essence of the area. Signals feature working lights.

Classes 31, 37, 47 and DMU’s 101, 142, 153, and 156 can be seen running on the layout, all being indicative of the period. Keep an eye out for the Blue Pullman with working lights.
Built in nine sections, and centrally operated, the layout measures 13’6” x 8’. Track and points are Peco Code 100. The controllers and panel are to my own design and construction using readily available commercial components.
Exhibition 2016
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